Who is behing RBG fx & Creatives?
Hi! I’m Bobby, I’m a freelance image maker and forever curious creative. Like many of us today, I dabble in many fields under the umbrella of image making, wether it’s photography, video, animation, directing, some music, a sudden interest for 3D, 360 degrees movies and all that’s in between. If you are curious about some of my work, click here to find my other yellow obsession.

It’s RGB not RBG
Damn those eyes are sharp! It’s actually on purpose 🙃 the letters are a pun for RGB but also for the official initials of the founder.

What if I can make illustrations but no animation, can I still make a pack?
You sure can! You can also collaborate with an animator to make your illustrations move and get that extra spice. But you could also just send PNGs and let artists give their twist to your work.

How will I receive my purchases?
You will receive a download link through the email you provided us when purchasing the packs.

What kind of projects can I use this on?
You can use the packs for Personal and Commercial uses, unless specified otherwise by the individual artists, these specifications are made clear on the product pages. To read the terms of service and get all the otherwise details, click here!

What software are these packs compatible with?
Every pack is compatible with softwares which allow you to work with multiple layers, and also have the ability to change Blend modes. Our artists work with Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, FCPX, Davinci Resolve etc. Unless specified otherwise on the respective product pages, where an artist could offer Project Files for more versatility, these products are made for you to use without any headaches. 

What is your return policy?
All sales are final, as these products are digital downloads.

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