Sometimes, you lose your creative spark, and all it takes is a hand from another artist.

Crafting high-end projects with personality shouldn’t be painful, that’s why our effects and assets can quickly enhance the quality of your projects, all while supporting a Canadian artist.

The future is Win-Win ︎

Take a look at our featured packs


VJ Visuals 1.0

Easily add and mix visuals to your music for IG and
Live Streams while we wait for live shows again!

Ok, tell me more ︎

Rounded Frames

Tired of seeing square? Try your hand at round compositions, break the frame.

Damn, that’s fun ︎


Film Grain 

Get started with the HD Pack, or jump on the 4K Pack to access 7 bonus files for a bit more versatility.

I’ve needed this my whole life ︎


Film Frames

Try these classic frames to give a kick to your footage. It’s. just like trying new glasses.

I’m feeling ready for this ︎

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